Known as V-Steaming this product is a comfortable steamer used for women to relax during a vaginal cleanse.

"Better than some wooden box!" Easy to use and Easy to clean up NO MESS!

V-steam also known as chai-yok in Korea is an ancient spa treatment. It is also known for women to practice this herbal cleanse in Africa, Asia, Central America, China, and now in United States.


Do I wear Underwear?

Be sure to wear no panties during your steam. Also you have to wear socks and top and bottom must be covered so a robe and towel over legs is good.

Benefits of V-Steam

• maintain wellness

• improve blood circulation

• increase intimacy

• helps Endometriosis

• helps Fibrosis

How do I use it?

This V-Steam is electric plug in product that has a twist top to lift up so you can put the herbs and water (fill the water until the line) in a stainless steel bowl. After twisting the top back on you will put the steam heat number on (#10) after you have plugged it in. After the steamer starts to steam roughly (5-8 minutes) you can then put the steamer to a lesser heat number (ex:#6). Once comfortable sit on steamer and just relax and let the cleansing and detoxing begin. Remember if the steam is too hot continue to turn the heat number down until you’re comfortable.

What is a Peach Cleanse Herbal Blend?

This a *FREE* bag of steaming herbs a gift from us to you. This organic herbal blend contains White sage (kills bacteria, cramps, bloating), Rosemary (increase circulation and soothes the vagina) and more organic Eurasian plants well for vagina health. These steams reduce menstrual symptoms, such as bloating, cramps, exhaustion, and heavy bleeding. Helps treat headaches, BV, Odor, tightens the Vagina and minimize cysts and fibroid.

*******************DO NOT DO ON SERVICE******************

 • when on menstrual cycle

 • IUD

• right after ovulation

• open sores are present

• pregnancy

Other Herbs coming soon that:

Boosting fertility

Promoting healing after childbirth.

Reducing stress.

Treating hemorrhoids.

Increasing energy and reducing fatigue.


**All steamers are tested and ensured up to  working standards before leaving fulfillment center**