Organic Body Bars

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All Bars have anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties that helps heal wounds, sooth eczema, and relieve diaper rash.

Orange Peel Body Bar

Is an organic turmeric bar infused with vitamin E, calendula oil, and dried herb. The antioxidants from the turmeric in the soap helps to reduce dark spots and revive your skin to bring out a natural glow.

O’Honey Butter

Ingredients include raw oats to properly give the skin a smooth and buttery finish. The Honey ingredient helps balance the bacteria which makes this bar great for Acne and eczema, Honey is also an exfoliator which reveals new skin. Vitamin E oil which prevents inflammation. The Shea butter also has healing properties for any scars or eczema rashes.

Bella Rosa

Is a natural base soap infused with vitamin e, real rose petals and herbal oil that’s good for easing your cramps while on your menstrual.

La La Lavender

Is a lavender base soap with vitamin e, lavender dried seed herbs and herbal oil that replenishes good bacteria to help fight yeast.