Herbal Steams

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Directions:  If use Peach Steamer bring 1 -1/2 Cup of water & 1Tbsp of herb blend simmer for 8 mins .If using other steamers bring  1L of water & 1/3 Cup of herb blend to simmer for 10 minutes. Be sure to wrap yourself in warm blanket or bath robe& socks and steam for 20 minutes.

Fibroids and Cyst - Helps reduce heavy bleeding between or during your periods that includes blood clots and pain in the pelvis or lower back. Also possible shrink fibroids and slow down the fibroid growth.


• Prickly Ash Bark

• Turmeric

Fertility - Helps balance hormones & Restores estrogen. Relaxes and Strengthen uterus with vitamins, iron, potassium & magnesium from herbs.


• Ashwagandha

• Red Raspberry

• Motherwort

• Yarrow

Juicy Peach -Helps boost mental & physical Stamina and reduce vaginal dryness


• Slippery Elm

• Damina

Peach Cleanse - Helps prevent Bacterial Vaginosis, cramps, bloating and help soothen your vagina.


• Wormwood

• Holy Basil

• White Sage

Short Cycles - Helps relieve irritable bowels, contains vitamins and iron infused with an anti-fungal herb that does nothing but cleanse your vagina also helps get rid of yeast.


• Burdock Root

• Peppermint

Acid Reflux - Helps reduce Heartburn UTI support, sore throat, bladder and constipation.


• Artichoke Leaf

• Dandelion

Odor Elimination - Anti-fungal-herbs helps treat UTI, Yeast, increase blood circulation, clears out blood and fluids that are builded up.


• Sage

• Oregano

• Rosemary

Liver Detox - helps liver, benefits the heart, and remove irritable bowels.


• Milk Thistle

• Peppermint

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If on menstrual cycle, IUD, after ovulation, open sores, and pregnant.